Thank You!

I want to take a moment to say thank you to all those in Bedford that voted for me and supported me. Although I didn’t win, I am actually quite pleased with my results being my first time out. A HUGE thank you to my family and friends who stood by me through this. I think the best part of this experience was making new and wonderful friends! Best of luck to all the winners in the November election!

~ Kristin

Noble Family

To the Editor:

On September 9th, you will be asked to choose candidates for State Representative. I ask that you choose me, Kristin Noble. As a life-long resident of NH, it has been difficult to watch our state decline due to the overgrowth of government and irresponsible spending. Too many politicians do not adhere to their oath of office. I can assure you that I will, on every vote, every time. The Constitutions of NH and the US are our guide to keeping government limited and in check.

We must protect the citizens of NH from the intrusive overreach of the federal government, through States’ rights. The 10th amendment allows us to nullify unconstitutional federal law. This process will protect the people of NH from having our rights trampled or having unconstitutional federal programs forced upon us. We are facing a continued assault on our individual liberty. The government’s good intentions to keep us safe, often lead to harm. I will always vote to protect our individual rights.

We the people must take control of our government. Many politicians, including some that identify as Republicans, think business as usual is acceptable. The status quo is eroding our personal freedom and our great state’s economy. In Concord, I will fight to put this state on the right path toward freedom and economic growth. I will vote against programs that usurp local control, of you, the taxpayer. Too often politicians at all levels of government forget that they are spending other people’s money. I will show respect for the taxpayers by never voting for increases in taxes, fees, or any bill that allows government to grow.

If you want the government to stop intruding in your life, to keep out of your wallet, and off your property, I am the right candidate for you. Our state and our country are on the wrong path. It is up to you, the voters of Bedford, to help change our course. I would appreciate your vote on September 9th.

Kristin Noble

I’m Kristin Noble, and I am running for State Representative to serve the Town of Bedford, NH. (Hillsborough-District 7).

As a lifelong resident of New Hampshire and concerned citizen, I am seeking your support of my quest to maintain our great state’s storied tradition of protecting civil and individual liberties. As your representative in Concord, my top priority will be to advocate for those laws and policies most closely aligned in letter and spirit with the Constitutions of New Hampshire and the United States.

To learn more about me visit my About Page.

To learn more about my candidacy, please visit my Issues page.

I welcome questions and feedback, and encourage you to reach out to me anytime via email at

Thank you in advance for your support. I look forward to hearing from you, and to working tirelessly in Concord to ensure our brightest future.

All the best,
Kristin Noble, Republican State Committee Member 2014
Republican Candidate for State Representative

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