My Pledge
To Bedford

As we all feel the squeeze of poor policies from the federal government, it is crucial to elect individuals who understand that sound fiscal policy is needed at home to ensure the health of our state economy. NH Republicans have delivered tax cuts, controlled spending and ensured that we remain income tax free. As your legislator, I am committed to maintaining these policies.

In addition to safeguarding our economy, it is my priority to protect your individual rights. Our Constitution has been under attack. Whether it’s speech, the right to self-defense or privacy, all must be defended to keep the integrity of our State and our Republic from being compromised.

I support quality education for all NH students. For our public schools to stay strong, they must focus on delivering academic excellence and fostering universal values. Transparency and respect of parental rights are necessary to ensure successful cooperation of teachers, administrators and parents.

NH is such a beautiful state. As a lifelong Granite Stater, I share in its tenacious spirit of independence and love of freedom. As your representative, I pledge to do everything in my power to protect it. I ask that you vote for me, Kristin Noble for State Representative, as well as my Republican colleagues on Nov 8th.