About Kristin

I am a lifelong resident of New Hampshire, born and raised in Manchester. I grew up in a very large, close-knit family of 10 kids. My husband Jeff and I have lived in Bedford for 11 years with our daughter, Lily. My stepdaughter, Chelsea, has already left the nest. Prior to staying home with Lily, I enjoyed a successful career in security software.

For over a decade I have been a committed Republican activist, elected to the State Committee and volunteering for local, state and national campaigns. In Bedford, I built a group of like-minded parents so that we could be a collective voice to get our kids back in school full-time. We continue to grow our group focusing on parental choice, parental rights and other issues facing education today.

I deeply love our state, as it is a shining beacon of freedom in the Northeast. We have a proud tradition of promoting and protecting liberty, which makes us an attractive, safe place to raise a family and run a business. I am running to be your representative to preserve this tradition and ensure that coming generations can enjoy life, free from government intrusion, in the Live Free or Die state.